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Home Page POSTGRADUATE University of Moratuwa

MSc. in Information Technology


More Details :


Monday, 21 February 2011 17:29

MSc. in Information Technology

M.Sc. in Information Technology is a three semester (18 months) part-time degree programme consisting of a common Information core, and a compulsory research project. In order to obtain the MSc in Information Technology your are required to gain 48 credits. One credit is equivalent to one hour of lectures or other classroom activity per week for one semester of approximately 14 weeks duration, or two hours of practical or project work per week for one semester of approximately 14 weeks duration.

Course Fee:

Application fee Rs. 1,500
Registration fee Rs. 2,000
Non Refundable Library Deposit Rs. 2,000
Refundable Library Deposit (per book) Rs. 2,500
Course fee year 1 Rs. 170,000
Course fee year 2

Rs. 30,000


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